February 20, 2012

baked sea salt chicken & pinaupong manok

This picture literally speaks a thousand nom nom nom! Really yummy all the way I look and ogle at it that I wanted to cook my next whole-chicken dish like it. I usually roast or bake chicken with the usual mixes and spices and trimmings but I have yet to try just plain salt, rock salt, sea salt (the famous sea salt in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte comes to mind) as a sort of make over. I'm using salt for my whole-chickens but only when I steam them, making them "sit" down on a bed of salt (pinaupong manok). Now, this sea salt chicken recipe is a challenge!

Photo credit: beachloverkitchen.com

The recipe is there over at the Beachlover Kitchen, let's have a try!

Meanwhile, here's "pinaupong manok" in all it's sumptous glory:

Photo credit: bucaio.blogspot.com

We'll try this salt-sitting chicken recipe, as well, from Bucaio, of course!


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