February 22, 2012

balut adobo

Pinoys usually eat balut (also balot, boiled fertilized duck--or chicken--egg) as is: you crack the still warm egg's top shell open, taking care not to spill the really oh-so-tasty "juice" for a pleasant sip, sprinkle some salt in it (others even "dress" it with vinegar and chili), and eat the whole thing, embryo and the remaining egg yolk matter, discarding the hardened white... Oh, well, but this is not for the squeamish, though. Balut is even included in some "most bizarre food" or "yucky food" lists elsewhere. But then, balut can be prepared and presented in a variety of well, "presentable" ways. Such as being cooked as adobo.

Photo credit: thepeachkitchen.com

I really wanna try my next balut into a delicious adobo. Join me in my balut craving, there are nice balut adobo recipes at The Peach Kitchen and at Casa Veneracion, and also at the Pinoy Recipe site.


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