February 19, 2012

beef in wild betel leaf

I was amazed and intrigued and thus curious upon knowing that betel leaf has some culinary uses, evidenced by this Vietnamese beef dish. I only know, of course being in the Philippines, betel leaf (called gawed in Ilokano, ikmo or buyo in Tagalog) as chewed along with areca palm nut (bua or bunga), lime (apog) and tobacco leaf (mascada) to comprise the mama (moma) or nganga.

Here, betel leaf, for its aromatic properties, is used as a wrapper to spice the ground beef.

Photo credit: vietworldkitchen.com

Worth a try. Well, then, go ahead and try its recipe at Viet World Kitchen blog!


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  1. I would like to try this one. Im a Filipina myself and I became interested in cultivating Ikmo as a medicinal plant. It is great to have culinary use for this vine since we dont have a local dish that makes use of it.