February 24, 2012

brussels sprout stir-fry

When I first came upon this veggie, I innocently thought these were miniature cabbages, heheh! And ever since, I craved for it as cabbage is one fave vegetable of mine which I usually take slightly blanched or even raw and simply dipped into or dressed with bugguong (salt-fermented fish paste/sauce) with sliced tomatoes and onions. I learned later that this is after all a type of wild cabbage, and that those tiny bulbs grow actually as buds (hence "sprouts") in a rather large stalk. And ever since, I wanted to try to boil/steam it and make it into an Ilokano salad. But here, it's stir-fried/sauteed, and they're just as lovely I wanted them.

Photo credit: chowtimes.com

Photo credit: vietworldkitchen.com

Here are brussels sprout recipes to try: from chowtimes.com and from the Viet World Kitchen


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