February 19, 2012

frog adobo

I really, really miss this! It's been eons ago since my last consumption of this amphibian delicacy, that was tinola a tukak (its Ilokano name; palaka in Tagalog), froggie soup with tender chili leaves. Frog, the edible ones, is a regular fare throughout Asia, "frog legs are a delicacy in China, France, Indonesia, the Philippines, the north of Greece and in many parts of the American South, especially Louisiana," according to Wikipedia.  For some, it takes a lot of guts, will & determination, to convince them to even taste it, so much so that this food has become kind of exotic.

This is frog adobo, Ilokano version, and I'm dying, green, with envy, what with those bugi (roe) so beautifully intact!

Photo credit: blauearth.com
I want this ASAP!

Come on, we'll try the recipe at the popular Blau Earth blog!


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