February 20, 2012

grilled mussels

Mussels (tahong), who doesn't love mussels? Baked. With soup. Fried. And grilled. Anything you fancy, it's still tahong with that so unique flavor, aroma, texture distinct from other shellfish. Now, let's have these sea shell bounty simply grilled, succulence intact, its own juice oozing as it cooks, its tantalizing smell, errr,  fragrance wafting mischievously:

Photo credit: bucaio.blogspot.com

Photo credit: lyzalane.info

Photo credit: lyzalane.info

Let's grill them tahongs by following the simple recipes at the Bucaio blog and at Lyza's Lane!


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  1. Hi! Found your blog from link.nyo.me ~ I love your photos! They look sooooo delicious <3