February 20, 2012


Isaw, chicken intestines, grilled/barbecued, is a popular street food in the Philippines. Marinated in vinegar, ketchup (banana) and other condiments and then skewered with bamboo stick and grilled right on live coals and then dipped into a vinegar with chili and onions or into a mixture of thick, sweet and spicy sauce. Not every body, even some self-professed gourmands or culinary aficionados may have the intestines, errr, guts, to try this Pinoy street delicacy. But aren't these ohotographs sweet and wicked temptation enough? Come on!

Photo credit: philboxing.com

Photo credit: pinoyphotography.org

Photo credit: tumblrrmokong.tumblr.com

I prefer to make isaw at home, though, when ever I can, as I am wary I may ingest those dreaded street germs causing some unpleasant and unnecessary ailments. Have your isaw only on your trusted isaw vendor to make sure it's prepared clean, at least.

There's a simple recipe at the Food Recap waiting, let's give it a try!


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  1. I ONLY eat Isaw if it's me who clean the intestines. The ones being sold on the street pavements are not quite reliable in terms of cleanliness of this foodstuff.