February 18, 2012

kangkong stir-fry

Kangkong it is. Called water spinach and morning glory, but yes, it's called "kangkong" in most East Asian countries, not only in the Philippines, but in Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere where this is a common, even staple, vegetable. And while Pinoys like it blanched as a salad dressed with patis or bugguong or with  sautéed shrimp paste, or sautéed/stir-fried as an adobong kangkong with lots of garlic and soy sauce or oyster sauce; our Malay brothers stir-fry it with their beloved sambal belacan, which is but spicy shrimp paste full of chili. And I want to try it soon as I saw the other day an "imported" bottled sambal belacan in one of the supermarkets in Tuguegarao City. Mmmm, delicious!

Photo credit: highoverhappy.blogspot.com

I'll do it with this perfect recipe over at High Over Happy!

Join me!


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