February 23, 2012

pancit batil-patung

Pancit (flour/rice noodles) is ever popular in the Philippines and almost every regions (ethnographic group of provinces) has its own brand of pancit unique to their own taste and cooking procedure, from the making of the miki (noodle) to the choice of toppings. Tuguegarao City and the southern towns of the province of Cagayan has its own pancit called pancit batil-patung (or patong). Aside from the locally made miki, batil-patung has as main ingredients carabeef (carabao or water buffalo meat) and egg, and other toppings. It is served with diced fresh onions, calamansi slices, and lots of toyo (soy sauce), and vinegar-fermented chili. This pancit variation is normally cooked the same as the popular pancit canton or pancit guisado, but what makes it stand up and alone is the egg put atop it and the corresponding egg soup that accompany it.

Photo credit: pinakbetrepublic.blogspot.com

Photo credit: pinakbetrepublic.blogspot.com

In Tuguegarao, there are no similar batil-patung preparations, taste, or even texture and presentation as each panciteria (noodle house) has their own recipes and "styles." I always wanted to mimic my favorite panciterias' secret concoctions but I always fail. Ugh. I have yet to perfect my own formula and patent it soon as a closely-guarded trade secret. Heheh!

Now here's a pancit batil-patung recipe from the Skip To Malou foodblog, if you fancy a try.

And here's my own amateur cellphone video of various pancits in the city, and of course, a video of one of my pancit escapade one rainy day in the city.

And for my Ilokano readers, here's an essay I wrote some years ago, about pancit batil-patung, Tuguegarao City's pride.



  1. Hi! Thank you for the photo credits that you put in, not just for my photos but for others as well.
    I just came back from Tugue (had posted a batil patung pics on my recent trip on my FB page).I will be posting a new post (i hope this week) regarding my trip to Lamud's, one of the most favored panciteria in Tugue.
    I hope to get to know you. Are you from TUgue rin?

    1. hi, malou! thanks! i lived for 11 years in tuguegarao, and i reside just nearby the city i can't help indulging in its panciterias every time (well, almost every day) i'm in the centro. lamud's batil-patung is i say, heavenly, like ambrosia! :-)