February 16, 2012


(from Simple Recipes and Our Best Bites)

Actually, Pinoys have their own fresh salsa, sliced tomatoes (kamatis) with grated green mango and sliced onions dressed with patis (fish sauce) or salted shrimp paste (bagoong alamang). The Ilokanos especially has it with bugguong (salted/fermented fish) and they fondly call it as KBL (kamatis, bugguong, lasona; not to mistake as the old political party of the late Apo Marcos).

Photo credit: ourbestbites.com

Photo credit: simplyrecipes.com

But I want the real Mexican fresh salsa there is, I'll note it on my recipes-to-do list, and maybe dress it with bugguong juice instead of just simply salt to taste.

Here is a simple fresh salsa recipe from Simple Recipes and from Our Best Bites.


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