March 5, 2012

crab claw

I always crave for crabs, crab meat, crab fat, and mostly for its claws with which thick shells shields delicious meat. I love the task of cracking it open, and ate morsel by morsel the succulent and fragrant white meat. I love crabs simply steamed, as is, because it's sweeter and juicier and tastier. I especially like freshwater mud crabs locally grown (fattened) or in the wild in the lagoons and rivers in Cagayan, especially in Buguey area. Big and fat crabs with lots of crab fat and bulging with crab meat.

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Besides steamed crab, I also love crab chili and others. How about a sweet and sour crab claws from Rasa Malaysia? Let's try this out!


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  1. omg....this is the food I adore!!
    well done Crav &Co. forever