March 10, 2012


Escargot, anyone? Don't be intimidated by the name. Or by the *right* way it's said or pronounced. Exoticism at its best. French and a kind of gourmet food. But those are just snails. Kuhol. Bisukol. Shells we use to pick usually in some shallow freshwater. As a child, I used to gather black snails in the rice fields, ponds, lagoons. My mother would then boil it with lots of ginger and lemongrass. Or cook it in coconut milk. A delicacy but not an exotica for us then. But of course, it's a kind of exotic fare for those who didn't yet try. Or for those adamant. How about treating your local kuhol into a gourmet escargot with the recipes below?

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  1. Mr./Ms. Author,
    I hope that you give us permission to borrow some pictrures of your website. We want to ask if we can DL the photo of bisukol.
    It will be used in our thesis in promoting tourism.
    Thank You