March 6, 2012


Who doesn't love sausages or chorizos? Pinoys love it, and they have their own longanisa (longganisa, langgonisa, longaniza). Pork sausage, that's it. Perfect for breakfast, or in any meal time for that matter as it could serve as an appetizer to your main dishes. It can also be grilled or barbecued on stick and consumed as a snack. And it serves as a hearty delectable filling for empanadas like those ones in Vigan and Batac in the Ilocos. There's a lot of longanisas in the Philippines, almost every town or province has their own variation of this ground pork and garlic mix foodie. And here are some four of the most popular....

Vigan Longanisa. Photo credit: 

Batac Longanisa on stick. Photo credit: Leilanie Adriano

 Lucban Longanisa. Photo credit:

Ybanag (Tuguegarao) Longanisa. Photo credit:

Tuguegarao longanisa is not as popular as that of Vigan's or Batac's, but it has it's own distinct flavor and texture that's uniquely delicious. I want to try making it, join me, the Ybanag Longanisa recipe at the Skip To Malou! blog is worth a try!


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