March 26, 2012


Magnum? No, not the gun, particularly not the caliber .357 single bullet that downed Ninoy Aquino. Magnum. It's the latest summer craze in the Philippines. Magnum, the ice cream. That oh-so-yummilicious rich vanilla-flavored and chocolate-coated ice cream bar that oozes with pure delight and goodness...! It's been around most of the world for some time, but it's only now that it was formally introduced in da Pilipins, and boy, do Pinoys go gaga and crazy over it, eating it is kinda status symbol. I tend to say this is like having those expensive coffee concoctions just for the heck of being called "sosyal" or high "class." Yessir, slurping down Magnum Ice Cream is like gulping down Starbucks coffee, well, for some, you simply indulge to get "in."
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So, do we have a recipe? Of course, we can't be lucky to have the Magnum recipe itself, for a song. But you can make the same ice cream if you want, and be your own. Just the other day, me and my daughter made a very delicious mango and apple ice cream (you only need some milk, cream, some egg yolks, sugar, and other flavorings blend it over with the fresh fruits in a food processor, then freeze it overnight, and presto you have your ice cream the next day, sweet and frozen for you to dig into and start licking and slurping! yeah, and just last night, we made a honey dew ice cream, heh-heh!)

(Photo credit: Quick and Dirty in the Kitchen) 

(Photo credit: A Taste of Koko) 
(Photo credit: A Taste of Koko)

But anyway, how about these ice cream recipes from the Ice Cream Park!



  1. haha i agree! it sorts of gets you look like a sosyal just because you can afford P55 ice cream :D


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