March 15, 2012

roast goose

I always am fascinated with a goose, a goose dish, that's it. It's rare, meat and/egg are kind of scarce. It's not readily available in the local market, not common as chicken. It's not bred for mass production. It's rarity and thereby its high price might be reasons enough that it became a kind of delicacy, and even exotic just like duck (like Peking duck). But once I tasted goose stew or a tinola a ganso (boiled goose, soup, with green papayas and chili leaves) and it's so unforgettably delicious and wickedly tasty that I wished it was a regular fare. Of the roasted goose, I have yet to encounter. And so with a roasted duck. The elaborate preparation and the roasting is essentially the same, goose and duck, I guess so. A chance of a lifetime, especially if it's done as palatable as these:

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Why don't we try to roast or own roast goose? We'll follow some recipes at Simply Recipes and at Wrightfood!


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