June 9, 2012

pata, pork hind legs & knuckles

Oh, I sure love pork, and I'm particularly fascinated with its pata, tendon-y and fat-y and flesh-y pork's hind legs and knuckles, which magically turns into a delicious and insanely crackling crispy pata, or into a hearty and oh-so-tasty paksiw na pata ng baboy, hmmm, and into a heavenly adobong pata, too, so much so with my mission/ambition to get rid of fatty and cholesterol-laden foodstuffs, I just wanna indulge sometimes because I'm just a mere mortal, a human, so prone to sin!

Paksiw na Pata. Photo credit: Mga Luto ni Lola

Crispy Pata. Photo credit: Sweet Nothings

Braised pork knuckles. Photo credit: The Peach Kitchen

Pata Tim. Photo credit: Skip to Malou!

Lets have a try on these pork delights!


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  1. thanks again for the mention. i still have to meet you i mean "virtually" i left a comment a few posts ago and never got a reply back tho... i hope to hear from you!