July 12, 2012

piri piri

Piri-piri or piri piri, a fiery chili from Africa, is no other than the same super hot bird's eye chili we call "siling labuyo" (Tagalog: literally wild chicken chili) or "sili ti sairo" (Ilokano, or devil's chili). Piri piri hot sauce is popular in both Portuguese and African cooking and used mostly on chicken, prawns, and others.

Piri piri chicken, piri piri prawns, wow! I want this on next whole chicken!

(Photo credit: Food Stories)
(Photo credit: Channel 4)
(Photo credit: The Food Pornographer)
(Photo credit: Gourmet Mom)
(Photo credit: Leite's Culinaria)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(Photo Credit: Salt of Portugal)

Now, let's try this piri-piri chicken recipe from Food Stories!

And this piri piri sauce recipe from Leite's Culinaria...

And how about this turkey salad with piri piri sauce?


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